Technical Management

Technical Management encompasses all services that maximise the operational efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life, in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators. These services include the organisation and supervision of dry dockings and major repairs, purchasing, vessel inspection and budget control.

At  İcetankers, Ship Management, comprising Technical Management and Crew Management. A critical element of successful technical management is the cost effective procurement of the miscellaneous store, spares and services consumed by vessels. The ability to obtain the most attractive prices on competitive terms for major consumables is a deciding factor contributing to the success of our organisation.
Nowadays, health, safety and environmental protection are top priorities on which we will not compromise. We are firmly committed to achieving “zero incidents, zero spills” in all our operations by means of continuous improvement processes. To succeed in this aim, we recruit and train only the highest quality personnel, because we believe that only the best people can deliver the best results. But that is not where we will end it.